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  • Self Defense Seminar, Teaching realistic scenarios to everyday people

    How it works


    Speak frankly about real challenges

    Give you tools

    Prove they work

    Let you test it a realistic environment

    Show you how strong you really are

    Make you laugh

    Have a lot of fun

    We take real life situations and show you how to survive them.    

    We will work directly in the environment of the client and move through everything from initial contact, through avoidance or de-escalation and all the way up to a physical altercation.   Participants will be challenged in a dynamic and fun environment where they will get to prove to themselves and their would be attacker, that they will be no easy target.


    Show off our fancy kicks and movie quality moves

    Spent time telling  you how many trophies/belts/awards etc we have

    Ask you to do something that you physically cannot do

    Make you punch air for hours

    BS you with "tricks to take down any attacker" nonsense

    Sessions are HANDS ON and while entertaining, are intended to provide practical and useful actions for immediate use.    



    - We are taught

    - We train and continue to train

    - We research

    - We practice

    - We test it

    - We share

    - We repeat

    Different areas of expertise from Law enforcement academies, Military trainers, traditional martial arts provide a well rounded knowledge base and curriculum.    Certified Krav Maga instruction and "street" influences allow us to be as realistic as possible in what we teach.

    Mission Statement

    To transform the minds and bodies of good citizens so that they may never refer to themselves as a victim.  


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    Personal Safety Seminars

    Arizona, United States